An introduction to nGaje online Performance Management Tools

VideoGetting the best out of your people is key to every business, but it is often easier said than done.

nGaje Employee Engagement Tools are designed to provide managers with easy-to-use online tools that will help them to

  • Manage the performance of their team more effectively,
  • Maximize their potential and meet the goals of the business.

Often the hardest part is performance managing those people that do not meet the required standard.

Some managers will avoid having these discussions and will not tell staff that they need to improve.

What are the benefits of the Performance Management Tools to Managers?

Our tools help managers in the following ways:

  • Providing them with an easy-to-use online process to set and monitor performance and also to give feedback.
  • By using these tools on a regular basis, managers can make sure staff understand both when they are achieving and just as importantly, not achieving the requirements at the time, rather than waiting for a review meeting.
  • The tools are designed to remove the burden from the manager and encourage the employees to self-manage their progress.
  • In many cases, this will lead to staff improving their performance during the review period.

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